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We believe that
Ants pioneered the startup culture
because people who work at startups are as phenomenal as ants.

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Beautiful UIs

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Fast Development

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Outreach Partner

Your people are yourbiggest assets

They’ve been doing their best work during one of the toughest times, navigating the new world of work, doing all the heavy lifting, and still churning out amazing results.

Now it’s your turn to say “Thanks”.

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Appreciate every aspect of people’s lives, all year long

Every day presents multiple opportunities to applaud people’s achievements.

Take the first step towards creating a culture of holistic appreciation.

Recognize people’s personal and professional wins so they bring their whole selves to work.

Make this EAW about shining the spotlight on your people.

Gratitude shouldn’t be a one-time event.

Let’s together extend the cheer of EAW to the entire year.

Empower everyone to say “Thanks” and “Kudos” to all the incredible people at work.

Make sure nobody is left behind during this appreciation fest.

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